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Shooting From The Hip
Observations From The Outside
The End Of The Beginning 
31st-Dec-2007 04:57 pm
This will be my last post for 2007. It has been an interesting year to say the least. I've lost friends, I've gained friends, and I've had to say good-bye to friends and family member who have moved on from this life. The company I work for merged with another and there was slight change to my job description, for the better. I stepped down as baron and pulled back from the SCA to rest, regroup, and re-analyze. I was there when two friends united through the bonds of holy matrimony and when another friend's had dissolved. I traveled countless miles to be a diva once more, reliving my glory on stage and stayed close to home to use that same musical skill to bring tears to people's eyes. I finally found someone who could replace John -- not completely but enough to fill the gap. And it was that person who taught me that although being an outsider is my weakness, it is also my greatest strength.

So, what's ahead in 2008? I'm not sure, but I know there will more changes. There's always changes. For some of you, this may be the last post you'll ever see. For others you may be able to find me again. Things are going to be different -- that I can know. This part of the journey has been interesting, but there are more adventures ahead.

To everyone, I give my love and blessings and I hope that the new year does well by you.
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