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Dancing Through Life

Did you think I ran out of things to say? Not likely, however I did run out of words to use. There are a few more items in my "Goals for 2008" however, each on of them could easily fall under the six major goals I already listed. They minor goals are a bit on the abstract side which makes it hard to define them with words, so I'm just going to let them be. I'm sure you'll figure it out along the way on this journey of mine.

Right now I am just enjoying life and finding things each day to smile about, which is just amazing. Work has been hectic and backlogged and yet I'm not stressed whatsoever. In fact, my manager is just lovin' me and impressed with all the things I'm accomplishing. Tuesday night Keith and I went to see the movie Sweeney Todd with Brian's mom. (Brian and Keith have known each other since high school. Brian now lives in Pittsburgh, but still comes back here to visit on the holidays.) And last night we celebrated Dennis' birthday at The Olive Garden which was quite fun!

Well, I see by the clock that it's time for me to follow Goal #6 and get myself to bed. Later everyone!
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