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Shooting From The Hip
Observations From The Outside
At The End Of The Day, You've Still Got To Say, "It's All Right" 
9th-Mar-2008 05:02 pm
Tao of Rayne
It has been a lazy weekend. I've sat around, watched videos, read a little, and surfed the net. In between that I've gone grocery shopping, changed the time on the clocks, played games with friends, had a household meeting, and registered for Pennsic.

I really haven't accomplished a lot, or have I?

In the past I felt that a lazy weekend was a wasted weekend. I would have all these plans of what I needed to do when Saturday rolled around, only to be disappointed Sunday evening when nothing got done. By the time I would go to bed, I would be miserable because I wasted my time.

Much has changed since those days. I'm going to quote Davey Wavey from one of my favorite blogs:

Four Ways to Create a Beautiful Day!
  1. Remember that your day isn’t happening to you, you’re happening to your day. You will create your day by the choices you make—whether it’s the choices of things to do, choices of things not to do, or the choices of you how you react to the situations that you’ve created in your life.

  2. The outcomes that you produce today are simply results. Results are neither bad nor good until we apply our judgments. "Failure" and "success" are words of judgment. Today, you will only produce results—and you can grow, learn and develop from whatever results you produce.

  3. Breath. Take time to enjoy your day. Remember, you do have time! There is nothing you have to do today (except breath and process normal bodily functions). If you need to, prioritize your free time. Watch the birds. Spend time in nature.

  4. Do something different. Break free from your routine by stepping into the unknown. Try a different restaurant. Walk through a new park. Take a different route to work. When we add uncertainty and change into our life, we allow for growth.
So go for it! You are an artist staring at a blank canvas, brush in hand. Create something beautiful, my friend.

It's always good to be reminded of these things. Why should a lazy weekend be bad? Does just sitting around accomplish nothing? Not really. Considering that during the week I am usually pretty busy at work and even when I get home I don't usually stop until I go to bed, sometimes a lazy weekend is exactly what is needed to rejuvenate energy levels for the week to come.

Here's to a lazy weekend!
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