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Shooting From The Hip
Observations From The Outside
Bleh II: The Return Of Bleh! 
29th-Apr-2008 08:42 am
Bollocks - Captain Jack
This weekend left me with a good sense of accomplishment.

On Saturday I had my first rehearsal for "Forbidden Pennsic" via phone, I discovered and unburied a wall in the hill of our backyard that was covered in dirt and vines (so we know part of it was terraced), and some of the household got together and we had food and an impromptu planning session for Pennsic.

On Sunday I took the initiative and joined a gym. I got the whole tour and was signed up with a personal trainer. Afterwards I went out shopping for nice gym clothes, pricing items for the household camp, and trying to find a birthday present for my niece.

It was sometime during the late afternoon when I could tell that Round 2 of the cold was coming on. By Sunday evening I was feeling miserable.

On Sunday I made my plan to go to the gym on Monday after work. After suffering through the work day on Monday, I knew my plan wasn't going to come to fruition. I am taking a lot of different things (Cold-Eze, Fisherman's Friend, Tylenol Cold, Hall's Cough drops, tea) and they barely touch this thing 8212 although I don't feel as bad as I did with Round 1 last month. Of course, I also know that this wacky weather (70-80 one day, 40s the next) plays havoc with my body, so a cold was to be expected. Doesn't mean I have to like it.

I just want it over quickly so I can go to the gym.
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