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Shooting From The Hip
Observations From The Outside
The Insane Adventures of Oericthegn (Chapter 2) 
16th-May-2008 07:20 pm
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“Alright I'm at the first stop of this whirlwind tour that I am taking this weekend and we're gonna play a little game, it's called guess what Oericthegn is. To help you out here are some clues.

Clue no. 1: It's right across from some 'prime' real estate.

Clue no. 2: It's one of my favorite rest stops on the journey west from Syracuse, and the reason for that is...

Clue no. 3: It serves some great vanilla chai.

If you guess Junius Ponds, rest stop right between Waterloo and Geneva ya got it right. Well, the main reason I've stopped here is: one, need that vanilla chai. Two, need to get some gas to continue this journey. So without further ado we're going on to get the gas and you stay tuned to the next chapter.”

Transcribed by: oericthegn
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