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Snarling Dogs

I am finding myself starting to wear thin. The unfortunate side effect of such a state is that I am becoming very easily irritated by anything and everything, and that includes snapping at people who are trying to help.

There's only four full days left before I leave for Pennsic, and there's just so much that needs to be accomplished before packing the car and leaving. I am waiting for things to arrive in the mail that I'll need at War, trying to finish up the last minute "secret surprises" to make the the vacation just a little more spiffier, searching for those last minute items, and somehow needing to take care of my stuff at work before I leave, keep going to the gym, and learning my lines for the musical.

I know when I finally get to Pennsic everything will work out and I'll relax -- I always do. It's just needing to get to that point without killing someone first.

To anyone who has been on the receiving end of my ire, I do apologize. It is not personal, I'm just a little frayed at the moment as I'm completing those last minute details. (Hey, nothing says, "OMG WTF" as discovering things at the last minute that just need to be done. Well, at least in my mind they need to be done.)

It's just a few more days, and everything will be great and wonderful, because I'll be at Pennsic -- I'll be home. And it's a great place to be!
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