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Shooting From The Hip
Observations From The Outside
Pennsic (Day 0) -- Land Grab Eve 
25th-Jul-2008 10:50 pm
199K 1:01
“Greetings blog buddies! Here I am at the hotel in New Castle on the eve before Land Grab. The trip was uneventful, weather was beautiful, there was nice blue skies and puffy clouds, and wonderful temperatures, and it was just gorgeous. Road construction was minimal so there was just a section outside of Meadville but that's been there since, I think, War Practice. I know it was there the last couple of insane trips that I came down with Dennis and Craig to load stuff up at the storage area. Tomorrow's going to be an early morning as I'm meeting the other land agents on our block around 8:00am. Official land grab doesn't start until 9:00am and then becomes a free-for-all as everyone tries to get on their land first. So stay tuned and as I bring you further updates from Pennsic in the days to come. Good night!”

Transcribed by: oericthegn
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