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Shooting From The Hip
Observations From The Outside
Pennsic (Day 1) 
26th-Jul-2008 09:18 pm
370K 1:53
“Hey blog buddies! It's your Pennsic update. Just to let you know what's been going on -- we started out at about 8:00 this morning to look at the land and sign the map. Then we went to over to the barn to check in, unfortunately we had a land agent who didn't show up till about 9:30. We were supposed to be there by 9:00. So it kind of delayed us from getting check through and onto our land, but eventually we out in a relatively short time. I’ve got most of the household camp set up. I still got the walls to put up and other stuff but the carport’s up and we're getting a test right now as we’ve got a thunderstorm coming through. So far no rain just thunder and lightning. It rained a little bit earlier but I wasn't here for that. I was actually trying to get some food for dinner on this.. But we're watching a nice little thunderstorm here. Just some hints for your Pennsic travel or Pennsic stay. Bring a lanyard. The rope that they got for the medallions isn't the best nor is it the strongest. So a lanyard will help keep that medallion ‘cause you don't wanna lose your Pennsic medallion otherwise they force you to wear a baby bracelet and you don't wanna do that. So pack a lanyard so that way you keep your Pennsic medallion safe. That's about it for now. I'm just gonna sit here and watch the thunder and lightning underneath the carport and we’ll get you more Pennsic updates. Talk to you later. Have a good evening.”

Transcribed by: oericthegn
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