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Shooting From The Hip
Observations From The Outside
Pennsic (Day 3) 
28th-Jul-2008 11:49 pm
286K 1:27
“Greetings ___ I just giving you your Tenzick(?) up date of only one who printed the ___ schedule of the classes from the upper mark list. Just want to let you know that the Tenzick(?) booklet contains that same schedule for people who've gone to Tenzick(?) before know that there use to be a day by day schedule so you all, so you could see all the classes that were occurring at the same time. It's not that way, they just listing each class and the way it laid out on that, on that download so you want to look over your classes really close to find their schedules. The other thing, this is for house hold people, you need to bring ___ security, don't want. You have a silver ware plates and bowls and cups to use right here so if you don't wanna log something out. Don't bring it. If you want to bring you know special mugs or goblets(?) and things like that. Go right ahead but you would have the normal dinning stuff available. Well that's it for now. We'll talk to you later and keep you updated on further Tenzick(?) news. Good night”

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