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Shooting From The Hip
Observations From The Outside
Pennsic (Day 4) 
30th-Jul-2008 12:03 am
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“Greetings guard buddies, just giving you your latest Pensic(?) update our official count of shirt less kilec(?) has been twice. Yes 2 times I have seen shirt less kilec(?) so that's for those of you who are keeping count on that. I'm sure there will be more shirt less kilec(?) ___ warm. Second to thing that happened today so far is I got to share my shower with Tigger. Anybody who has known who has heard me talk about Pensic(?) and Tigger's tugs. Tigger was one of the first few one of the first gay people I met here at Pensic(?) and so it is kinda interesting. I got out of the shower and there he was wanting to take over my shower so I got to see Tigger he's here ___ award yes I'm happy. Temperature today was in it's mid mid to high 80 very warm year. So after taking care of ___ for the camp I moved on to the swim hole where the water was nice and cool and very few people it being the first week so that was nice being able to cool off and latest on the camp update. I had to go and buy a new water cooler. The brand new water cooler that I had bought and brought down leaked like a sand so I had to go out and find a new water cooler which seems to be working fine but barring any any other emergency. Hopefully camp is now officially and totally done. I da don't plan on having to leave again but you know the way things are you'll never know. So that's your Pensic(?) update oh oh and weather is we're going to start getting into a rainy couple of days. So Wednesday and Thursday are predicting high percentage of the rain that's not all sunshine and fun here. Will be raining and hopefully they're not bad storms. Been trying to keep all the hatches batten down. So that's it. There's your Pensic(?) update. I hope everyone has a good”

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