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Shooting From The Hip
Observations From The Outside
Pennsic (Day 5) 
30th-Jul-2008 11:32 pm
869K 4:32
“Hey, Blog Buddies! Here's the latest in the Pennsic update. The prediction for today said it was going to be 50% chance of rain and thunderstorms, which ended up being 100% chance. The nice thing was there was no wind, but it did get to be torrential at times. Luckily everything stayed dry and the carport worked out quite well, tent was fine. It was just an interesting downpour that lasted for a while.

It was a real good time socializing with people, especially when we were trapped under carports for the torrential rain.

I did have a situation that I'm not exactly sure, well -- what to do -- or -- well, actually I'm disappointed in myself because I didn't do something. There's a young boy -- lad -- early teens who was talking to us and he pointed out somebody walking along the road, saying that this other young kid, young boy, had come out to him as being bisexual which, he explained, caused the young lad, or the other young boy, to lose a number of friends but he said that he and a couple of other of his friends still talk to this boy who came out, but he said that they keep their distance from him because the bisexual boy had said that one of the other two friends was cute. And -- I don't know, I just sat there going, I should have -- I'm not sure if I should have said something -- I feel like I should have, but when you're dealing with other people's kids you don't know exactly where or what they've learned, what their parents are teaching them -- and it just felt really sad that -- here’s this kid who’s -- who’s coming out and basically loses almost everybody that he was friends with -- and the ones that remain are keeping their distance from him because they’re afraid he’s going to jump them, or well -- I hate to use the word, but sexually assault them, and you just want to tell this kid that that’s not the way it is, but he’s just young and he hasn’t had the experience yet.

I know there’s somebody else I can talk to -- and I know eventually the person I will talk to will hear this -- but I’m just at a lost right at the moment. And -- I’m disappointed in myself because I didn’t -- didn’t do anything. I didn’t say anything. And I’m not sure what is the next step but I’ll figure something out.

Pennsic forecast for everybody: Looks like it’s going to be sunny when you start arriving on Friday and Saturday. It will be beautiful weather which is going to be good at least long range forecast. I can’t wait to see you then. Everybody have a good evening.”

Transcribed by: oericthegn
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