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Shooting From The Hip
Observations From The Outside
The Pennsic List 
12th-Aug-2008 08:21 pm
For the life of me, I can't figure out where to begin as I try to relay my thoughts on Pennsic. There are just too many good memories that reside in my head and some of them just defy the written word in order to describe them. So, I guess I just need to list everything and let you fill in the blanks.

-- This was the first year the household camped by itself!

-- Not use to no boundaries.

-- Communal area with Oyster Bay = good. Trying to outdrink the Oyster Bay boys = bad.

-- A pig turning on a spit causes passersby to take pictures and movies of said pig.

-- Meat party is a lot of fun, even if I am vegetarian.

-- The exclamation, "Oh my god, it's beautiful," makes four days of set-up worth it. (Sorry about that, red-headed step-children.)

-- Forbidden Pennsic was just awesome, as was everyone involved with it. All those rehearsals paid off.

-- The last three Lackeys are now Minions. Need more Lackeys.

-- Homemade ice cream at Pennsic is a joy to have!

-- No matter how far away you think you are, someone always finds you and a party ensues.

-- The tent that could hold 8 mummies or 1 SCAdian can no longer hold 1 SCAdian. The search begins for a bigger tent.

-- People come up to Aidan and say, "Hi." People come up to Fergus and say, "Drink this." People come up to Oeric and say, "Come over for dinner."

-- Seeing Fergus get his much deserved White Scarf.

-- Trees with berries makes catbirds happy and provides morning entertainment.

-- Household has still got it. We can break down the thrones and deliver them within minutes, can march with the barony at opening ceremonies and court, and we can do extra gate guard shifts. Unlike some people.

-- Never dare Oeric. He's got the photos to prove it.

-- "Don't make me make a tabard for you!"

-- "I can't believe I'm actually considering combat archery."

-- Come over for Tea Time. Stay for the half-naked boy with the six-pack abs. Surround yourself with ladies who have gay sons. Let the show (and running commentary) begin!

-- Ice-cold cream cordials taste extra-good in hot Pennsic weather.

-- Have I got plans for next year....
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