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Shooting From The Hip
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29th-Oct-2008 01:11 pm
Scorpion Tribal

Your result for What's your key signature?...

A Major

I hope you know how to boogie.

Congratulations, you’re A Major, and you got them blues! A Major is an ideal key for playing blues in, due to its decreased number of sharps when played with flat 3rds and 7ths. Guitar players love this key, and several have actually made careers of playing A, D and E chords over and over again in that oh so cliché I IV V progression we all know and love. Being a bluesy key is a blessing, since you can be emotive and soulful out the ass. All that’s missing is a few blue notes and you’re golden.

So you may not have the blues, you say? Well this key isn’t really about sadness, it’s about being individualistic and emotive, with enough soulfulness to go around. You can’t help but be an emotional person, but that’s a great thing. Just don’t stay on the metaphorical blue notes too long, eventually dissonance gets a wee bit obnoxious.

SONG EXAMPLE: Lady Madonna by The Beatles.


* Despite clarinets being tuned in B Flat, a good number of Mozart’s clarinet based works are written in sharp key signatures, notably including a lot of A Major. I guess he had some sort of grudge against the poor clarinetist he hired.

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