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Shooting From The Hip
Observations From The Outside
Time For A Santa Pause 
14th-Dec-2008 01:16 pm
Relaxing - Ferris Bueller
I can't believe it's almost been three weeks since I've really post to my LJ. Of course, I wonder if my lack of communication here has any correlation to the exact moment that the IT department at my job decided to block any and all access to most of the blogs I read as well as email programs.

Unfortunately, my evenings have been so busy for the longest time that the only moments that I had to write on LJ were those stolen moments at work -- and lunchtime. Now all of that is gone and, until recently, Sunday was the only time I could see anyone's blog postings or emails. I say recently because as of Saturday at least two nights have suddenly become available now that the Christmas concert is over and I don't have any more rehearsals! Yippee! (However, Saturdays are still in the crapper until after the holidays.)

I've missed hearing from everyone during the day as well as seeing people on the weekends. Thankfully Liz knows my work email address which helped keep in touch with my friends in the outside world while my life seemed to revolved around work in one form or another. Thanks so much for chatting me up!

There's still much to do around the house to decorate, much to my dismay. Being busy 24/7 really hindered much to what I usually do during the holidays. Yeah, it kinda sucks that I've got less than two weeks 'til Christmas without all of my decorations up, but watcha gonna do. It just won't be my usually holiday fabulousness the normal adorns the house during the holiday season.

I probably should get back to doing whatever it was I was doing before making this post. What was I doing? Oh yeah, surfing the internet while trying to get the motivation to start wrapping presents and decorating instead of sitting on my behind and relaxing for a few hours.

Later everyone!

(BTW Kim -- I just finished the final book of the Twilight series. It was quite enjoyable! Thank you for lending it to me and for introducing me to the world of Bella, Edward, and Jacob. Now I can keep up with my niece and a couple of my co-workers. Thanks again!)

14th-Dec-2008 09:10 pm (UTC)
nice to hear from you. Welcome back!
14th-Dec-2008 11:29 pm (UTC)
hugz brother, I will be around when real life slows.
honestly miss ya though!
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