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Shooting From The Hip
Observations From The Outside
We Have Come To The End Of This Year My Friend 
31st-Dec-2008 05:17 pm
Tao of Rayne
This is it -- the last chance to post something for 2008 and bid it a fond adieu. Yes, the year did have some downs as many friends and family were lost when as they continued their journeys to other realms where none of the living could follow, but it also had a number of high points and good times that will always be held close to my heart as well as new friends who crossed mine path and have joined me for an undetermined time on this road that I travel.

Last year I set myself a number of goals for 2008. If you remember back then, I made a whole case about why I didn't like the term "resolution" as it just seemed to set a person up for failure because that what people expect. I think 2008 for me became the "Year of the Unexpected."

My first goal for 2008 was to become vegetarian. I think I have successfully completed that challenge. I was meat-free for the entire year and it certainly opened my eyes to subjects that I would have never thought of otherwise. Will I give it up now that I've successfully completed my year? I don't think so. There's still much to explore in culinary challenges.

Goal #2 was to row my own boat and not try to row others. This one proved to be a little more difficult than usual. In my own head I wasn't trying to direct anyone else on their path through life, but innocent advice sometimes is more than what appears on the outer shell.

Goal #3 was to blog more and meme less. I think I started out great for 2008, but as the year continued the memes started appearing a bit more than I intended. Then came November and pretty much all blogging and memeing came to a complete standstill. Yes, real life did take a firm hold of me and made me pay attention to other things. However, I will say that I did make the successful journey into the forays of voice blogging. It was a lot of fun and a bit nerve wracking at the same time. Trying to sound intelligent is tough work!

Goal #4 was to focus more on zen. Although I didn't get too heavily into it, I did delve into the subject quite a bit. It was something I thoroughly enjoyed and I plan on continuing it into 2009.

Goal #5 was to choose my attitude and laugh more. There may have been some slippages throughout the year, but for the most part I think I was the happiest I've been. Certainly more calmer than usual. And I'm sure that drove people crazy. Mix goal #5 with goal #4 and you can see how that may occur. (An emergency on your part doesn't necessarily constitute a crisis on mine.)

Goal #6 was to get plenty of sleep. I did quite well for the first few months, then I completely and utterly hit EPIC FAIL! The holiday season always does this to me. This is what I get for trying to do too much.

The final goal was to simplify. I did moderately okay on that. Sometimes I can be such a material girl and I have to buy, buy, buy! (Thank Madonna and N*Sync for those music cues.)
Needless to say, I got rid of things and I replaced them with other things. It balanced out, just not exactly what I was intending.

So, what will 2009 hold? What goals do I plan to set for myself for next year? Yes, I've already been thinking about it, but I can't tell you now -- it'll spoil the surprise. Let's just say that you'll have to wait until next year to find out and leave it at that.

Have a Happy New Year, everyone!
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