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Shooting From The Hip
Observations From The Outside
Happiness Is 
5th-Mar-2009 01:36 pm
Tao of Rayne
Today's quote from my 2009 Wisdom of the East calendar:

If you are not happy here and now, you never will be.

—Taisen Deshimaru

How many times do you hear somebody say, "I'd be happier only if...." (You fill in the blank.) The problem is, once they get or experience whatever that "if" is, they're not happy. They are immediately looking for that next "if".

What if you were happy now? It means you have everything that you ever need to make you happy. (Notice I didn't say "want".) There is no "if" to quantify your happiness.

I know there'll be someone out there who will want to play "what if" and they'll pull out that old country record where you lose your wife, your house, your truck, and your dog. "There!" they'll say. "You've lost everything! You can't be happy!"

Whoever said that material things are required to make you happy? No, being happy means you have everything that you need!

"You need a house/wife/truck/dog to be happy!"

There are lots of people in this world who have absolutely nothing and yet are happy.

"They can't be happy. There's got to be a secret!"

There is. Are you ready for it?

The only thing you need is you. You are the one in total in control of your happiness. That's it.

Simple, huh?
5th-Mar-2009 07:12 pm (UTC)
i was pretty damned unhappy in the past... the hospitol sucked too.
in general I am happy
thank you for your teachings
5th-Mar-2009 07:31 pm (UTC)
Profound and very, very true. It is in the soul and the mind where we can be happy. The flesh, and that which surrounds it can only provide some small inspiration for a feeling we must know or not in our own hearts.

6th-Mar-2009 06:53 am (UTC)
As long as I'm alive, I will be happy. The only thing I think that sucks about living is that it ends someday. Hence, I will be unhappy when I'm dead.

I plan to fight, claw and drag out my existence as long as possible.
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