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Shooting From The Hip
Observations From The Outside
Seven Up! 
8th-Jul-2009 05:40 pm
Yesterday was July 7th. I had to take the kitties in to the vet for their annual checkup. They passed with flying colors. When I went to the receptionist's desk to pay the bill, she looked up at me and said, "It comes to $77."

"Interesting," I replied. "$77 on 7/7."

"I was thinking the same thing," she said.

Yesterday was also Keith's birthday. I went to the grocery to pick up some items for the special birthday meal that he wanted. After gathering all the foodie bits, I went to the checkout lanes. Only lane #7 was open.

"The total comes to $71.37," said the cashier. "You saved $7.42."

That's an unusual amount of sevens that have been appearing today. I thought to myself. Why not take a chance?

After paying for the groceries, I wheeled my card to the machines that sell scratch-off Lottery tickets. I choose to play the "Lucky 7's" game. I put my money in and got 7 tickets. I don't know why I exactly did it, but I kept each ticket in the same order that they came out of the machine -- bottom to top. Then I went home and put them in Keith's birthday card without messing up the order.

He opened the card and pulled out the tickets, immediately scratching off the top ticket. "I won $7 on this ticket!"

I had to laugh. "That was the 7th ticket that came out of the machine." Then I relayed the rest of the tale to him about my bizarre 7 day.
9th-Jul-2009 01:41 pm (UTC)
I want to reply and hope that six other folks do as well.

Sounds like a fun day!
9th-Jul-2009 03:40 pm (UTC)
Happy B-Day Keith! Happy 7s! Keith should claim he is 27 this year or how about 7?
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