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Shooting From The Hip
Observations From The Outside
21st-Jan-2007 02:49 pm
Last night I went to see the rock musical "Chess". I had only heard three songs from this show and knew nothing about the plot, outside of the fact that it involves a chess match between a Russian world champion and an American challenger. The original show wowed audiences in London, but got a very cold review in New York City. I was also warned ahead of time that "although the music a great, the musical is boring." I was prepared for a dull night at the theatre.

After the show, all I could think about was "Chess". I don't know anything about any other productions, but this one kicked ass! It was phenominal!! The actor who played the American champion had problems with the high notes, but the rest of the cast was great. The plot moved along quickly and the audience was totally involved. By the end I was hoping against all hope to prevent the inevitable, and crying when it came to pass. No wonder American audiences didn't like it -- it doesn't have a good resolution or a happy ending.

I fell in love with another musical. Now I need to add it to my collection.

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