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Shooting From The Hip
Observations From The Outside
Working For The Weekend 
5th-Jun-2007 10:21 am
What a weekend! There definitely was no humanly possible way to attend everything that was going on. I don't know who decided that June 2-3 was THE date to tons of events, but they really need to do better planning next year!

I managed to explore A Taste Of Syracuse during my lunch on Friday. (Its an event where restaurants from all over the Syracuse area offer samples from their menus for only $1. It's a food-lover's paradise!)

Friday night was Beverly's 60th birthday up in Scriba. Talk about food! Three different kinds of meats, kabobs, salads, dips, and an absolutely killer chocolate cake! The best moment was when Beverly saw her daughter (who lives in Texas) walk through the door! (The surprise was planned by her son who took care of all the arrangements to get her daughter there. They hadn't seen each other for a number of years.) Keith and I left by 11:30pm and the party was still going strong!

Saturday involved grabbing Mr. Craig and hiking all over the neighborhood for the Westcott Art Trail. Yeah, the weather was warm and humid but there were a lot of things to see, a lot of art to purchase, and a lot of gardens to experience. Our original plan was to do the Art Trail and then head down to A Taste Of Syracuse before going to Mark & Dana's engagement party, but that wasn't meant to be.

After hours of walking the Art Trail, we had enough time to go home, get cleaned up, and head out for the engagement party. Good food, good conversation, lots of fun and great eye candy (although I'm a little upset that Mark didn't introduce me to him.) Oh, that guy was beautiful. Nice tan, big pecs, tight t-shirt -- what's not to love?!?

Then there was the Great Cake Incident! Man, was that hysterical! Me, SuGyong and a piece of cake. Let your imagination run wild!

The capper to the evening was getting a proposition to sleep with this cute straight guy. Yeah, he's married, but his wife has this fantasy of watching her husband do it with another guy. The downside is that he's really not into it, but she keeps hoping and trying. (Why is it that straight guys have no problem with two women but immediately balk when the shoe is on the other foot? The women never seem to have the same issues.)

That ended late night number two. Unfortunately, it led into early morning on day three. I had to be at Beaver Lake by 8:30am to participate in the AIDS Walk/Run Fundraiser. Although the weather was beastly that early in the morning, there were lots of people there. Many of the attendees had formed teams and they were all wearing their team shirts and getting their team photos. It was just so cool! (I'm thinking about maybe having the household participate next year. That would be awesome!)

There was a 5k walk and a 10k run. 5k sounds like a lot, but actually it's only a little over 3 miles, which is exactly the distance of the Around The Lake Loop trail at Beaver Lake. I've done that trail many times, so I wasn't worried about walking it. The most amazing moment was watching this little 7 or 8 year old boy run the walking trail. Oh to have the youthful energy again!

The AIDS Walk/Run ended around 11:30am and it was time to go home. Thank goodness. I managed to get myself into the house, crawl into bed, and take a nap. (Naps are good! It's my favorite thing at Pennsic.)

The downside of the whole weekend was not being able to walk the rest of the day on Sunday. My feet were killing me!!

By 5pm on Sunday, the thunder that had been promised since Friday finally decided to roll in, followed by the rain shortly afterwards. The temperature finally started to cool down and it made for comfortable sleeping conditions.
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