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Shooting From The Hip
Observations From The Outside
It's Raining, It's Pouring 
11th-Jul-2007 09:10 am
Kill Kill Kill
I originally wanted to make a post about the great weekend I had in Montreal. I have pictures and stories and it was going to be fabulous, but it seems it will need to wait so I can gripe.

We have two cars. Keith's car decided last Thursday that it didn't need brakes anymore. Friday morning entailed a perilous trip to get said car to a shop. Just before we leave for our trip to Montreal, shop calls and says it will cost about $800 to repair brakes and brake lines. We decide to contact my dad as he use to own said car and knows how to fix it inside and out.

Weekend involves trip to Montreal and back. No incident.

Tuesday: Dad comes out to work on Keith's car. Keith takes my car so he can travel between home & work and assist Dad. He will pick me up after work. After work occurs and no Keith. Get phone call. Key won't turn ignition. I walk to Keith's workplace and try my key. Ignition set still won't turn. It has been extremely hot weather and during heat like that the ignition set has problems turning. Will need to leave it overnight in the parking lot. Keith's co-worker gives us a ride home. Keith's car is still not driveable.

Wednesday: Rain. Early morning bus ride to downtown. Walk through rain from downtown to parking lot. Ignition set still will not turn. Keith calls for tow truck, which won't be there for another hour. I walk through the rain to the dealership to drop off my key, let them know the car is on its way, and tell them that they had just replaced the ignition set last friggin' year! Then walk through the rain to work and amazingly enough I am on time.

Meanwhile, I pray for money as I'm seeing my savings for Pennsic deplete. Rotten stupid cars. (If this is the lead to Friday the 13th, I can't wait to see what that day brings!)

UPDATE: My car has been fixed. The ignition set was covered under the parts warranty. (It damn-well had better be -- the thing was only a year old!) It also got its oil change, so everything should be right with the universe now.
11th-Jul-2007 06:10 pm (UTC)
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